About Us

The White Cliffs Country Tourism Association is an independent membership association covering Dover, Deal, Sandwich and surrounding areas. Membership is open to any business, organisation or individual involved or interested in Tourism.

Objectives of the organisation shall be

  • WCCTA is a membership organisation working with the wider tourism trade, local partnerships, public bodies and individual businesses.
  • To promote trade and commerce in tourism, and improve the overall awareness, effectiveness and quality of tourism provision, in Dover district for and to the benefit of the members, Dover District’s* residents, tourists and visitors.


  • Representing and communicating with tourism trade members across Dover district using website, e-newsletter, social media and PR. 
  • Gathering intelligence (e.g. research, data, case studies, trend information) for market and visitor analysis
  • To discuss challenges impacting on the visitor economy, to improve working relationship and to share best practice.
  • Understanding changes in tourism trends, economic or other factors (e.g. technology and connectivity) and how these impact Dover District tourism businesses.  Supporting initiatives that maximise the opportunity for Dover District tourism.
  • Lobbying and helping with co-ordination of activities to maximise grant making and other funding opportunities.
  • Encouraging close working and co-operation between all public and private sector bodies and the tourism trade throughout the Dover District.

 * Dover District is defined as the area covered by Dover District Council which includes, Dover, Deal, Sandwich and environs. Thus WCCTA represents all of this area.

An Executive Committee manages the Association on behalf of members. The officers currently are:

WCCTA Executive Members
 Chairman  Graham Hutchison     gwh59@outlook.com 
 Vice-chair  Neil McCollum  neil.mccollum@english-heritage.org.uk      
 Treasurer  Roger Walkden  lindenrog@aol.com
 Committee  Diederik Smet  diederik.smet@destinationdover.org
 Committee  Ian Montgomery        ian.j.montgomery@btinternet.com
 Committee          Terry Sutton  terry.sutton@route56.co.uk

In the interim, please address all correspondence or enquiries about membership to the chairman:

Graham Hutchison
WCCTA Chairman
87 Friars Way
CT16 2DN
Tel: 07946 555014
Email: Gwh59@outlook.com